Known for its groundbreaking spirit and its assemblies that mix red and white varieties, 7 Colores is a winery that has managed to capture both clients and specialized media and critics, as it stands out for its excellent quality and its expressive and structured wines.

Inspired by a small Chilean endemic bird, unique in the world with seven colors in its plumage, 7 Colores is a winery that, since its launch, has stood out for its unusual proposal, far removed from the formality with which the wine world.

Its winemaker, Rodrigo Moletto, oversees this brand with which he seeks to break paradigms and create innovative and provocative blends that do not follow established patterns. His limitless creativity and his unusual way of breaking the codes of the competition, in addition to disobeying the rules, reveal his innovative and irreverent essence.

Provocative blends with heritage varieties

A clear example of the creativity that defines 7 Colores are its blends, which not only bring together traditional and non-traditional vines, but also red and white varieties, which is undoubtedly striking and unusual in the wine world.

Among the blends most acclaimed by the press and the public are Gran Reserva Carmenere-Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon-Muscat and Pinot Noir-Semillón, as well as wines such as Edición Limitada Chardonnay-Viognier and Single Vineyard Red Blend made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Carignan. Undoubtedly, wines that surprise for their balance and roundness.

Non-traditional image and sensory experience

Part of the philosophy and spirit of 7 Colores is also found in its image. It has an attractive design and communication style in all its lines, which are designed and created for younger consumers who value new experiences, authenticity and wines with a different proposal. And it is that the concept of 7 Colores is not only based on the production of its wines, but also, it is concerned that the entire experience in relation to its consumption is unforgettable.

Great value for money

Another very important pillar in the essence of 7 Colores is the quality-price ratio of its wines. And it is that the vineyard has varietal wines with an excellent price-quality ratio that stand out in the market and have even won mentions in prestigious international media.

This is how, with these 3 concepts, the 7 Colores winery has managed to captivate its clients and the specialized press, since it has known how to stand out, in a traditional world, with a completely different proposal, which at the same time enchants with its excellent quality. quality, innovative blends and expressive and structured wines.