7 Colores: Creativity Taken to the Next Level

In the traditional world of wine emerges a bold and unique proposition: 7 Colores, a vineyard known for its disruptive spirit and innovative blends that challenge conventional boundaries. Since its inception, it has captured the attention of customers, media, and specialized critics alike due to the excellent quality of its expressive wines.

Inspired by the chromatic richness of a small endemic Chilean bird, unique in the world with seven colors in its plumage, 7 Colores presents itself as a brand that breaks with the formality associated with wine. Thanks to the winemaking team at its helm, its objective has always been clear: to create innovative and provocative blends, challenging established patterns and revealing an innovative and irreverent essence.


Provocative Blends and Heritage Varieties

The boundless creativity of 7 Colores is reflected in its blends, which go beyond the combination of traditional grape varieties. The unusual becomes the norm by merging red varieties with white ones, challenging the conventions of the wine world. These wines surprise with their balance and roundness, highlighting the vineyard’s mastery in creating unparalleled sensory experiences.

Non-Traditional Image and Sensory Experience

The philosophy of 7 Colores extends beyond wine production to its image and communication style. With an attractive and modern design, the vineyard targets young consumers who value new experiences, authenticity, and wines with a distinctive proposal. Beyond the product, 7 Colores aims to make the wine consumption experience unforgettable, integrating originality into all aspects.

Great Price-Quality Relationship

A fundamental pillar in the essence of 7 Colores is the price-quality relationship of its wines. The vineyard has succeeded in standing out in the market with varietal wines that offer an excellent value for money, garnering recognition in prestigious international media. This approach demonstrates that innovation and quality can be accessible, consolidating 7 Colores’ position as an attractive proposition for diverse audiences.

Exploring the 7 Colores Portfolio

The vineyard presents a diverse portfolio that reflects its commitment to innovation and diversity:

Cortejo: The varietal line seeks the unique quality of Chilean fruit, offering easy-to-drink, expressive, and young wines with varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Merlot, among others.

Reserva: Coming from the Maule Valley, these wines stand out for their innovative and unique blends, being bi-varietals with hints of uncommon grape varieties.

Gran Reserva: Incorporating small portions of non-traditional white grapes, this line offers single vineyard wines, expressive and concentrated, with varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon-Muscat and Pinot Noir-Semillon.

Single Vineyard: A blend of 7 varieties present in the star field in Botalcura, creating a unique blend with fruity and elegant characteristics.

Limited Edition: A Carmenere from the Colchagua Valley, with great concentration and elegance, paying homage to a emblematic grape for Chile.

Alzado: A Cabernet Sauvignon from the Maipo Valley that crowns the portfolio with its great concentration and complexity, promising a unique aging experience.

Sparkling Wines: Two varieties from the Limarí Valley, distinguished by their minerality, fine acidity, and unparalleled aromas.

In summary, 7 Colores not only challenges the norm in the world of wine but also redefines the wine experience. From its provocative blends to its modern image and commitment to accessibility, the vineyard stands as an innovative and refreshing force in the Chilean wine industry. By exploring the diverse portfolio of 7 Colores, wine lovers are invited to embark on an unforgettable sensory journey, where creativity knows no bounds.