7 Colores Gran Reserva: excellence, creativity and quality in a dynamic portfolio

The Gran Reserva of 7 Colores line stands out for a portfolio that mixes traditional red varieties with heritage white varieties. Undoubtedly an innovative and peculiar proposal. A proposal faithful to the spirit of 7 Colores, which has been characterized as a completely different vineyard in the traditional world of wine.

7 Colores is a winery with creativity without limits or paradigms and its unusual way of breaking the codes of the competition, in addition to disobeying the rules, reveals its innovative and irreverent essence.

Since its launch, the winery has stood out for its unusual proposal, far from the formality with which the world of wine is often associated, thanks to a striking design and completely free blends of red and white varieties, resulting in well-balanced, round and very attractive wines.

With the Gran Reserva line, winemaker Rodrigo Moletto created a portfolio with which he seeks to break paradigms and create innovative and provocative blends that do not follow established patterns, where all the wines incorporate small portions of non-traditional white grapes as a way of enhancing the typical characteristics of the main variety.

Among its varieties are Carmenère/Viogner, in which both strains come from the same vineyard in the Maule Valley and are in tune with the terroir where they are produced. Here, the white variety adds a floral note, giving life to a highly concentrated wine with silky tannins. Its 2017 vintage obtained an outstanding 90 points from the international critic James Suckling.

The Pinot Noir/Semillón comes from the Casablanca Valley. In this blend, the Semillon enhances the fruity characteristic of Pinot Noir with sweeter fruits, thus increasing the aromatic profile of the wine, which turns out to be soft tannins and good structure. James Suckling, gave his 2019 version an outstanding 91 points.

Lastly, the Cabernet Sauvignon/Moscatel variety comes from the Maipo Valley. In this blend, the Moscatel adds floral notes and increases the aromatic breadth of the wine. It is an intense blend, with aromas of black fruits that feels juicy on the palate, with good density and sweet tannins. The 2017 vintage obtained 91 points in the Descorchados national guide.