Alzado, the icon wine that shows the maximum purity of the Maipo

Through an expressive and concentrated wine, Alzado honestly portrays its place of origin: the renowned Maipo Valley. The highest-end wine from 7 Colores is made up of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and seeks to express all the elegance and complexity found in this valley.

As a constant search for the secrets kept in the terroirs of our country, Rodrigo Moletto, winemaker at Viña 7 Colores, defines his and his teamwork, in order to create expressive and structured wines. In this way, with his completely different proposal in the traditional wine world, he created Alzado, the icon wine of 7 Colores.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon, Alzado, is a wine that is born in the Maipo Valley. With soils of alluvial origin, with a loamy texture and a high concentration of small gravel, and a Mediterranean climate influenced by the Andes Mountain range, this valley is positioned among the great terroirs in the world for its extremely high quality in the production of this variety.

This is how Alzado seeks to rescue the most important characteristics of its origin. It is a highly concentrated wine that has spent 18 months in French oak barrels. Purple in color with slight terracotta nuances that speak of its early evolution in the bottle, on the nose, its aromas of increasing complexity are reminiscent of ripe and sweet red fruits, combined with violets, meaty notes and additional touches of wood.

On the palate, it is an intense, long and spicy wine that feels smooth. It has complex layers of ripe red and black fruit, and hints of tobacco leaves and black pepper on its long, lingering finish.

Alzado has been highlighted with excellent scores nationally and internationally. Its 2017 vintage received 94 points from the national publication Descorchados 2022, thus consolidating the innovative proposal of 7 Colores in the national wine world.