Cortejo of 7 Colores, an expression of simplicity and beauty

Coming from the Central Valley of our country, this line of Viña 7 Colors seeks to express the unique quality of Chilean fruit in each wine, based on innovation and always daring to go beyond traditional limits.

Since its launch, Viña 7 Colores has stood out for its unusual proposal: being a winery with creativity without limits or paradigms, which breaks with market codes, in addition to disobeying the rules, a characteristic that reveals its innovative and irreverent essence.

Far from the formality with which the world of wine is often associated, this winery has already made an important name for itself within the field, thanks to its unique and innovative blends, which result in well-balanced, round and very attractive wines.

One of its most striking lines is Cortejo, a portfolio of expressive, young and easy-drinking wines that invite the consumer to get started in the world of wine, honestly portraying the origin and typical attributes of each variety. Its charm lies in its fruitiness and quality. Wines that enhance the typical flavors and aromas of each variety to obtain a fruity and fresh line.

Cortejo’s portfolio is made up of 6 varieties. A Cabernet Sauvignon that stands out for its ruby ​​red color and aromas of raspberries, ripe plums and a spicy touch. On the palate you can feel the red fruits, soft tannins and a sweet and pleasant finish. It is ideal to eat with red meats, pork and stews.

Cortejo Carménère, is a fresh, fruity wine with pleasant tannins. On the nose, it has notes of black fruits, spices and chocolate. For its part, the Merlot stands out for its intense red color with violet touches, in addition to its notes of fresh fruit. On the palate it is juicy, with balanced acidity and gentle tannins.

The Sauvignon Blanc variety, a bright pale yellow, has notes of pineapple and white peaches. On the palate it is intensely fruity with delicious acidity. It is ideal to accompany light fish, green salads or as an aperitif.

Chardonnay, on the other hand, has an expression of ripe pears and delicate citrus notes, which makes it perfect for pairing with fish and shellfish au gratin. On the palate it is fruity, fresh, round and enveloping.


Finally, the Rosé variety, made from 50% Rosé Cabernet and 50% Syrah, is a bright and intense rosé wine, with notes of red fruits, ripe and sweet strawberries. On the palate it is young, very fruity, with a round and pleasant finish. Pairs perfectly with salads such as Caprese, smoked salmon, shrimp and wok vegetables.