Late Harvest of 7 Colores, sweetness in colors

Coming from the Casablanca Valley, this wine from the 7 Colores winery is produced in small quantities and only when certain weather conditions occur during the season. It is a late harvest that perfectly balances sweetness and acidity.

Since its beginnings, 7 Colores has stood out for its unusual proposal: being a winery with creativity without limits or paradigms, which breaks with the codes of the competition, in addition to disobeying the traditional norms of the world of wine. It is these characteristics that reveal its innovative and irreverent essence.

And it is that far from the formality with which the wine world is often associated, 7 Colores has already made an important name within the field, thanks to its unique and innovative blends, which result in wines of great balance, round, and very attractive.

Its Late Harvest comes from the El Principal vineyard, in the cold sector of Lo Ovalle in the Casablanca Valley. This is produced only in the years that the Sauvignon Blanc harvest is affected by humid mists that come from the Pacific Ocean during the grape’s ripening and harvesting period. These mists, together with subsequent cold days, allow the slow development of botrytis cinerea or better known as “noble rot”. This phenomenon is not usual in the area, so this Late Harvest is only carried out when these conditions are met.

Bright golden yellow in color, this wine has notes of honey, raisins, quince, melon, jasmine, and orange blossoms. In the mouth it balances sweetness and acidity, it is dense and persistent, with aromas of fruit preserves. Its ideal serving temperature is 12°C and it pairs perfectly with liver pâté terrines, blue cheese, and fruit desserts.