Alza tus sentidos

International varieties join the Chilean heritage varieties and create unexpected blends that, in turn, enhance the quality of the wines.

“To create expressive and structured wines at 7Colores we are constantly searching for the new secrets that those small terroirs have kept hidden for years!”

Rodrigo Moletto / Winemaker

7Colores Quality


Since 2006, our Pelequen winery and vineyards have held certifications that allow us to maintain consistent quality, protect the environment and ensure the safety of our wines.

At whom is 7Colores aimed?

Generation Y.
Young people between 25 and 35 years old. They value experience and innovation, follow trends, admire design and quality. 
Concerned more than ever with their self expression, 7Colores offers them a unique design and a wine conceived for sharing and showing off.