Pinot noir – Semillón | 2016

    Color: Bright ruby-red colour.

    Harvest notes: Due to the presence of the El Niño phenomenon in front of Chile’s Central Zone, winter of 2015 had been much dryer and less cold than expected. Towards spring, however, it became perceptible that temperatures started to decline with regards to the historical records, with increase of rainfall and cloudiness, creating a condition that persisted throughout great part of summer. In the Casablanca vineyards, the higher relative air humidity caused a drop in the grape production. These conditions lead to wines of amazing quality, that stand out for their good acidity and moderate alcohol levels.

    Tasting notes: Of a nice and bright ruby-red colour, this wine shows medium concentration in the glass. Clean and intense on the nose, it delivers aromas of myrtle, unripe peaches and strawberries, with an additional soft herbal touch. Very juicy on the palate, it is characterized by an expression of red ripe fruits that complement well with its soft tannins and its good structure that comes from its ageing in wood. Light bodied, it offers a long and pleasant ending.

    Recommended serving temperature: between 12 and 15˚ C