7 Colores Reserva: Innovative Bi-Varietal Portfolio

Since its inception, 7 Colores has been known for being a completely different winery in the traditional world of wine. An example of this is its Reserva line, which has a portfolio that blends traditional red grape varieties with other heritage varieties. Undoubtedly, it’s an innovative, distinctive, and highly captivating proposition.

With the Reserva line, winemaker Rodrigo Moletto has created a portfolio aimed at breaking paradigms and crafting innovative and provocative blends that do not adhere to established patterns, where all wines feature a mix of classic or traditional grape varieties and heritage varieties.

Since its launch, the winery has stood out for its unusual offering, far from the formality often associated with the world of wine, thanks to eye-catching design and the freedom to blend varieties, resulting in well-balanced, round, and highly appealing wines.

Our portfolio includes Cabernet Sauvignon-País, a wine sourced from the Maule Valley, where Cabernet Sauvignon contributes its varietal characteristics and País adds its rustic note and red fruit. This wine exhibits aromas of black fruits like maqui and blueberries and has a medium body with pleasant persistence on the palate.

The Carmenère-Cinsault, also from the Maule Valley, is a wine that’s savory, spicy, and fruity, making it an excellent pairing with cheeses, pasta, and white meats. In this case, Carmenère contributes all the black fruit to the wine, while the Cinsault grape provides the red fruit notes.

As for the white varieties, the Sauvignon Blanc-Torontel is a blend where Torontel enhances the aromatic breadth of the Sauvignon Blanc grape, complementing each other in fruity and floral notes. This wine is fresh, fruity, with crisp acidity, a balanced body, and a long finish.

The Chardonnay-Semillón, on the other hand, is a wine with a citrusy character, featuring fruit notes reminiscent of pears, green apples, and fresh pineapples. It has a medium body, a creamy texture, and excellent persistence.

Lastly, the Rosé from 7 Colores Reserva line, hailing from the Casablanca Valley, is a lively pale pink wine. On the nose, it displays aromas of forest berries like raspberries, strawberries, and pleasant floral notes. On the palate, it is delicate with a fresh texture.