The creativity of our winemaker is one of its great hallmarks. Rodrigo has led the dynamic portfolio of Viña 7 Colores since its inception. In fact, he was the one who originated the name of 7 Colors by uniting his passion for wine and nature.

The outstanding oenologist Rodrigo Moletto is responsible for imprinting the unique character of the 7 Colores wines. A graduate of the Catholic University, Rodrigo comes from a family with a long tradition in the industry: his grandfather, Rodolfo Rössle, was one of the first winemakers in Chile.

With extensive experience in very relevant Chilean vineyards, Rodrigo joined the Chilean Grape Group in 2008, first to supervise agricultural tasks, and then to dedicate himself to winemaking. In the last 14 years, Rodrigo has overseen the productive expansion of the group, as well as leading the extraordinary 7 Colores winery.

7 Colores is a winery with a completely different proposal in the traditional world of wine as well as its winemaker. His creativity is unquestionably crushed in his wines, freeing himself from limits and paradigms, to create an innovative and irreverent portfolio. “At 7 Colores we are constantly searching for the secrets that those small terroirs of our country have been keeping for years, in order to create expressive and structured wines”, explains Moletto.

With these concepts, the brand has been able to captivate its customers with its disruptive proposal, attracting the attention of the specialized press with notable scores for its wines and multiple praises for its excellent quality, innovative blends, and expressive and balanced wines.